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Brief History

Medicalplastic was set up in October 1971 to develop and produce a post-operative drainage system for surgical use and in orthopaedic traumatology in particular.

After much study and experimentation by its designer, Prof. A. Bianchi Maiocchi, the EMODREN, a continuous low-pressure suction drain representing the state of the art in terms of general performance, was patented and produced in 1972.

Marketed through a single distributor and backed up by scientific documentation, the product soon became well known and gained leadership on the Italian market in just a few years. It still enjoys this position in the top end of the market thanks to the high levels of product quality maintained and improved over time and constant monitoring of the field to stay in touch with users’ needs.

In 1974/75, the product was launched in Spain and Portugal, where it was highly appreciated in the top end of the market.

The two base models produced in 1972 grew into a full range of four models offered in 25 versions, complete with a vast range of accessories enabling EMODREN to be adapted to the needs of all surgical specializations.





Via Mercadante Saverio, 15 - 20124 MILAN (MI) - Italy

Telephone: +39026704424 - Fax: +39026709427


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